3 Soldiers and 1 Guinnes

When I entered to Facebook was with the intention to look into my friends’ lives. And of course, show my activities since I moved here. I don’t have a kind of diary, my blogs plays that role my Facebook is more visual.  One of the benefits of this network was the opportunity to join lesbian groups here in Ottawa.

So, last Friday was my first pool night. I arrived quite early and I decided to take a look of Elgin St. A very nice street with lots of pseudo Irish Pubs, corner shops, even a small Peruvian business, restaurants, supermarkets, bakery, etc. etc. etc. very lively at night. There was a small English Pub in a basement where I’d like to go someday.

 I went with Claudie and when we arrived two girls were already there. One, a nice girlish girl and her butch buddy. We played just once with them and she never looked at me. We left the table to other people and Claudie invited me a Corona beer.

The time passed and more and more lesbians arrived, most of them butches or baby butch or dykes. We were in front of a table where a pro pool player was making an exhibition. When I said pro, well, it was obvious she had a table at home because she was playing like a real male, exhibiting skills to impress and to demark a territory, like a male. Claudie played with her, I didn’t want to because it was a guaranteed humiliation.

Soon after, 3 butches arrived, they looked fun, they were making jokes and they played against the pro. Of course they lost. But we were supporting them because it was impossible to win the pro. I played with one the butches against the pro. I made a beautiful one and one of the butches said to me “Ypu’ll be my friend now”. I just smiled and minutes later she came back with a Guinnes beer for me. Of course I was surprised because I wasn’t expected that from a butch. In fact, I was hoping a woman who was playing in front of me notice I was there….which never happened. I was feeling like the invisible dyke.

Anyway, we played again and it was very funny playing with them. We were ready to leave (at 11 pm) when one of them told us that they were hungry and maybe we should go all together. We went to Dunn’s, and they started their stories. 3 lesbians from the Air Forces, 2 of them were a couple for 14 years, the other one, I don’t know, she wasn’t very talkative.

Claudie and of them exchanged emails. Probably we’ll see each other for a pool game…soon.


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