The Boss Left

After the shocking news of the Deputy Commissioner leave, one of the mini-bosses had a great idea.  She decided to take a picture of us holding a letter. The message was “We will miss you!!”. The picture was signed by everyone of us. It was a great idea. After that we went to a pseudo Italian restaurant, expensive and disgusting. I asked for a veal steak with mushrooms and what I got was an almost invisible and thin slice of meat, 6 pieces of mushrooms l11 spaghettis and …nothing else. My colleague had 6 raviolis, my neighbour had a micro lasagna and I didn’t dare to taste the wine.

It’s the second time I go to a restaurant in downtown, the other time was a place called Green Papaya and I could identify all the frozen vegetables on my dish. You pay for the ambiance and decoration, no for real food. I’m not saying is uneatable, well, sometimes could be, but the quality is very poor.

The boss cried when she saw the picture. She explained the reasons why she left for the other position. When all that was happening I thought of my first boss. All what he did for me is unforgettable. Not many bosses are kind or generous. I think till now he’s the best…for me. He had to face many difficulties from Ottawa and some Vice Presidents.

Well, she left…we stay, me, till mid of February…let’s see what happens next


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