New Job

As I said before in my early entries, it took me 4 months to find a job and finally I found one in downtown Ottawa. It’s just 20 minutes by bus. I always wanted to work in the capital. My cubicle is microscopic and ugly. The person I’m replacing went in to assignment for 4 months. I’m a senior clerk but I do some financial duties.

Well, an agency found the job for me, they “sold me” as a clerk but in fact I’m the director’s assistant. The office is on the 4th floor and is divided in 3 sections: A, B and C.

At the beginning I was doing travel expenses, reservations and I was paying some bills with an especial software. The person I was replacing, Luc, was teaching how to deal with that stuff, he was very patience with me. Do you know why? His girlfriend is from Central America. As all Canadians who speak 10 words in a different language, he said he was able to speak Spanish. Well, at least I can say he’s got a good imagination. Honestly, I was quite disappointed of the place and the salary, but I have to pay the bills and feed my cat.

There’re 14 women working in my sector and just one man, the director I work with. 2 of them are really nice, the others just forgettable. Sometimes is difficult to say hi to people don’t care if you live or die. My neighbour has an physical handicap, I don’t remember the exact name but her column is twisted and she’s short. What I hate of her she always listens or “overhear” conversations, in a very shocking way but what can I say. That’s the way it is.

The big boss, the deputy commissioner, has a Hollander name. she’s blond and tall. As all the big directors or bosses, thinks she has class and education but she can so squared head for trying new food or laughing till the bottom of her lungs.

But today, she called us for an urgent meeting. I thought it was something really serious, well, it was, more for the formers employees. The big boss is leaving in 1 week. The new one, another woman is a real enigma. The deputy says she’s a nice person….I hope she’ll be lesbian


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