Back On Track

I saw last time I wrote in my blog was in June. The day I moved, the day Jacko died, the day, somehow I died. I mean, I died in a town where I never existed or I never was in. I was a phantom, invisible, miserable.

Most of people told me living in Gatineau was the worst idea, that town is boring, nothing to do, low class, no restaurants or fun things to do. I discovered with my own eyes that this town has many things to offer like space, something unthinkable in Montreal. Nature: rivers and animals. Mental health, well, just in Ottawa not in Gatineau side.

The reason I stopped to blog was my stress. I was very concerned about looking for a job and at the same time my depression was very strong. I don’t remember if I mentioned my cat was very mad at me because of the moving. That was very hard for me. Part of my pursuit of goals was to have a security clearance. It was a nightmare because I had one, the problem was the transfer because one department took it and just to send it to another department took 2 months….horrible.

I was living in a temporary apartment, something like a transition. Well, it was ok and finally I found, as the fortune teller said, the apartment I wanted. The landlord is very nice. Where I live, on the second floor, is very sunny, I got 8 windows, fridge, stove, washing and dry machine. Lima loves it. Till now, people who come to visit like it.

My neighbours, on the left side, it’s a dentist, on my right side, a Moroccan librarian, who’s almost separated from his Quebequer girlfriend. I said almost, because they separated but they’re together right now, well, yesterday they had a big fight, so, this couple has its days counted. In front, I got a hair dress saloon. In fact, all street is full of hair dresses.

I got no friends. I pass most of my time looking for jobs and feeling down.

I promise to not forget this blog