The Day I Moved

Well, well, well. It’s been a while I haven’t written anything. It’s almost 1 month since my last post was on line or maybe 2.

When my relationship finished, 1 year and 2 months ago, I had the great idea to move to Gatineau. I was looking for an interesting job, well paid and all the crap that comes with it. I think the only memorable event, apart from my moving, was Michael Jackson’s death. The music media will remember that day…for me, it was the day Lima cried almost 1 hour in her cage when Étienne was driving us at 120 kph on the highway. The trip took 2 ½ hours.

It’s my second day in Hull, the old Hull, the island with small hills and nice little houses, very small houses but cute. Well, that’s what I saw around my street, or at least 10 streets.

Today, I made an investment. I bought a second hand bike. It cost me 40$ and in Montreal I bought the chain for avoiding thieves. The reason I bought was very simple. I don’t want to walk and waste my time. The bike is relatively ugly and the brakes work more and less. But I love it. I walked this morning for almost 1 hour. I lost my self despite I was carrying my map with me. Hull has 5 or even more bridges. Anyway, I took Portage bridge and went down all Kent Street looking for a café internet. It was warm but a bit cloudy, which is fantastic for me. I hate summer. I was hungry and I went to coffee shop and I bought something to eat. I asked the manager if he knew a place with wireless. He told at the Ottawa library I could get it. Great. With my computer on my back and my map in my hand, I was looking for the famous “One Less Car”. It’s an eccentric place where are tons and tons of second hand bikes. A friend at the job told me about it. When I arrived, the owner told me the prices. I founded very expensive for a second hand bike, the rates were from 100$ till 300$. Of course, I said “don’t you have something cheaper?” He showed me a race red bike…which I said about it, “it’s too big for me, I got short legs”.  And he said “Oh, I got something for you for 40$”. And he was right. It’s a functional bike, ugly but useful, at least for the summer. I can go wherever I want…but I get lost easily. I don’t know what my problem is with maps. I should buy a GPS. I went back to Kent Street looking for the library. I went inside I used internet but just for 15 seconds. The librarian told about a problem with network…grrrrrr. Well, I went home and I took the 3rd shower (and at the end of the day they were 4th) and I cried a bit, I was feeling alone. I drank water like a crazy and I went to Hull Galleries to send a couple of emails.

In front of my apartment, the city hall or I don’t know who, is changing the water pipes. So, it looks like an enemy has drop a bomb. There’re caterpillars, pipes everywhere, metallic walls, ads of “no parking” etc. etc. etc. I heard a neighbour complaining about the noise. She said it has been 6 months since the works started. My God… I hope they finish soon.

I just took a bus yesterday. But I should get the bus map, just in case.

Regarding my beloved cat, I think after the trip in her cage, on my lap, she hates me. Since yesterday, she passes her days under my bed or on the top of the cupboard. She slept some minutes on bed with me. I miss her. I know it wasn’t funny hearing her crying all that time. I feel sad. It will pass, I guess, I hope.

Till the moment I haven’t had contact with the natives, just a couple of questions to pedestrian or clerks, asking for directions or little things. Not having internet force me to get out. I really don’t like that but I need to discover the island. Yes, Hull is an island. Not big but without shopping centers, just small stores, bars, pubs and until now, I haven’t seen a café internet. Maybe I should pay more attention. For many Montrealers, Hull-Gatineau is a boring town. For me is perfect, my street is quiet (when the caterpillars don’t work). I’m a boring person and I like it. My problem is breaking the isolation. That’s why I’m workaholic.

I admit I’m quite scared because I’m alone. Before, I was with my ex who gave (despite everything) a kind of security. But I understand why she’s with her fat Greek. She was feeling alone and to be overwhelmed with a new job, new apartment, and in new office where everybody speaks English force her to fill that emptiness. That bitch.

I confess I feel fragile, I feel vulnerable and I need to heal my wounds. They’re still open.


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