My Beloved Boss

I never talked to my bosses about personal or office stuff. It’s a law for me. Today, all the colleges left the office at the same time. So, I we went to the station and my boss was with me. We sat together and we started to talk. She asked me about my new duties in the financial offices. I said it was OK. In fact, the time-sheet is a delicate matter. I’m a bit nervous; you cannot commit mistakes when money is involved.

I said to her I was planning to move to Gatineau next month. She said I would have better opportunities there. Well, I was feeling confident. After, she said she could talk to our Ottawa office boss and tell if they need any help that I could be available. She also advised me to talk to Véronique, the girl I’ll take her place to talk if there is any possibility for me at her job. I was surprised about her offer and ideas. You know, maybe she’s so nice because she’s pregnant. Today Chetra sent us an e-saying to give money and buy something for the future baby. Well, I don’t want to spend money these days because of my moving but as my best friend says “look at it as in investment”.

I talked to Véronique today about the apartments. She was right when she told me “you’re gonna work very hard for having an apartment for June”. She was nice; she gave me some tips for finding places like, and I didn’t know that, every Wednesday and Saturday the ads out. Like where to buy the regional newspaper in Montreal etc. etc. etc.

This afternoon, Véronique made do things related to my new job, things like time-sheet and bills other ministries must pay. After, she told us her boyfriend lost his job at Bombardier and she didn’t get the receptionist job at the Commission but she found another job in Gatineau and the guy too. They’re moving tomorrow.

It was sad to see Veronique leaving but life is that, moving all the time.




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