The Fortune Teller

This is the second time in life I ask a fortune teller about my life and future. The funny thing is I didn’t pay that person; I didn’t meet the person either. My friend, who lives in Germany, talked to me about that woman, who was her personal fortune teller and all the things she said about her life. All the things happened as she predicted, so I was feeling confident this time that, her predictions could be real.

So, I was quite confused about my decisions and indecisions, especially my insecurities about moving. I always talk to my friend by messenger or video conference. So she can see me all the time. In my face she could read I was feeling quite insecure and stressed. She couldn’t stand my long face and she called the fortune teller. Yes, she, who was in other continent and with one ear on the phone and with other with a headphone contact me to her. Another problem to solve was language. The fortune teller spoke German, my friend is bilingual German-French. So, she was translating my questions and she was translated them in German.

First of all, she asked to tell me when to stop the cards, because she was mixing them. And I said “stop”. She talked about a woman from my past, a woman with economical problems and she wanted to reach me. She said this woman will look for me but when I move she’ll stop. I asked if she was my ex. She said “yes”. I was petrified. Well, my birthday is coming soon (next week) and I know she spends a lot of money…but the woman told me my ex will talk try to ask for money. How come? I’m almost poor. She told me to avoid her. She said I’ll find the apartment I want and to take care of my money because in 2 months, I’ll have difficulties but after that I’ll find the job at the government. She said in five months I’ll meet my next girlfriend. A woman 5 years older than me and she has in a high position. And I’ll be able to do the things I always wanted to do with her (?????). Finally, she said my father will come to see me this year.

Anyway, if is true, it’s fantastic, if not, I don’t care. It gave courage and hope. I want a new life.


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