About My Future

I received news from the RCMP. Well, I didn’t make it. No job for the moment. They answered me with a strange e-mail saying I didn’t past the written exam. I replied them saying the only test I passed was in December…so, at least they could send the right answer. Whatever…

My boss spoke to me last week saying due to the decrease of requests for testing candidates, my contract won’t be renewal but, yes, there’s a but, she told me the financial section needed one person because the responsible is leaving to Gatineau. I always wanted to have an experience in that area and now the time has come. The contract will be till middle of June, so good for me who’s planning to leave too.

This morning, one of the advisors talked to me about a very interesting subject. She told me it took her 3 years to have the job she’s having right now. She’s very sweet to me…in fact, she was the only person who I felt attracted to but she’s got a French boyfriend…well, loving is sharing. She explained me all her process and training she had to go through, the difficulties, the exams and so on. I told her I applied to government several times, that despite the RCMP incident, I still apply.

She made my day. Sometimes she writes to me in the GroupeWise messenger. She’s the kind of girl who sows her own vegetables, tries to eat healthy but after a couple of weeks, the coffee and cigarettes are still present in her life.

I realized I never been so lucky to be with people or team mates, or colleges so nice to me. Happiness is a parenthesis in the middle of the crap called daily life. I’m very happy to work with them and for them.

Today I was almost with nothing to do and my colleges the same. So 3 people are fine, with me, we’re too much. I’ll miss Chetra and Suzanne, she helps me all the time and encourages me to keep trying to find a job inside the government. She’s giving me advises about interviews and how to improve my résumé. What amazing team I met.

My plans to move to Gatineau are already started. I’d be crazy to move to another city I’ve never been before. I have to dare, even if I don’t know what’s coming for me. I just want that job and be happy, meet my new girlfriend and have my own family. It’s project of life and I want to reach it no matter what.

I hope the universe can hear me, my wishes and the deepest secrets of my heart, I mean, happiness and peace.


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