Place d’Orleans

Today was my second interview for the federal government. I woke up (well, Lima woke me up at 5 am) and I had a very American breakfast: eggs, bacon and toasts; and the day before I cooked spaghetti for my lunch of today. I didn’t want to spend money there. I’ve already spent 50$ for my bus ticket.

dsc00167I took the 9 am bus. It was raining, happily I brought my umbrella. When I arrived to Ottawa, it was 11.30 am. I walked down two streets for taking the next bus. I was waiting under the rain for 10 minutes. I was frozen. When the bus came I was recovering from a mini hypothermia. The bus took almost 20 minutes to arrive to Orleans shopping center. Yes, the RCMP office is in a shopping center. In fact, it’s in the food court!!!. I was quite surprised but what can I say? Canadians will never stop to impress me.

It was funny because when I was on the gates, I saw the arrows showing the way to reach the RCMP. So, I followed the arrows, I went up stairs (2nd floor) and I found the food court. I was hanging around and I didn’t realize till the second time I did notice there was an office almost hidden in one of the corners, beside a sport shop. Because I was still cold, I bought a coffee in one of the Canadian icons: Tim Horton’s. I took out my tupper ware with my spaghetti and I started to have my lunch. I was a bit nervous; I was playing with my cell phone and taking some pictures with it.

The most amazing or surprising thing was the activity in front of the office. There was an event organized by the Canadian Boys Scouts. Kids and parents were there to see a kind of “hand made” car competition. There were 3 free way circuits where the children put their cars or trucks and…ready and go!!! Yes, all that in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I was expecting something more serious, or at least they could pretend to be serious. No comments.dsc001681

There were about 6 people waiting because I was sure the human resources staff was having lunch. Federal workers are so predictable. The have lunch at 12 am, breaks at 10 and 3 pm and buy coffee at Tim Horton’s. So, the other people were the 1 pm scheduled and I was for 1.30 pm. I did my name to the security guy and I waited with the rest.

Five of them when to the interview and I waited at the reception. The girl who was in charge of the files, looked like Lindsay Lohan; a mix of blond and artificial Barbie doll. Anyway, I was sat in front of her and we were in silence. She was reading a newspaper and after 5 minutes she said “Do you want to read the news or going to the bathroom?” I said politely not but as a blond like she was, she need to talk to someone. That impulse is stronger than the need to use make up. So I took advantage of the situation and I asked how many people were having the interview “They were 60 scheduled but most of them didn’t show up”. At the same time she was answering my questions I saw many green folders. There were four interviewers and four piles of folders. On the floor there were like 30 green folders. The girl told me after the interview if I were selected they’ll send me and e-mail with confidential information: the security clearance form. It was funny. She gave me all the information even more than the woman who interviewed me. Even she told me there was nothing to be stressed because there were only 5 questions.

dsc001701Anyway, the inhuman resource interviewer came to see me. I felt was I was entering in the guts of a monster when she was showing me all the offices. There was a narrow red carpet and for a moment I felt like a Hollywood star. We sat in the interview room. And effectively, there were 5 situational questions. Just that, nothing related to my experience or working years in an office or my experienced gained. I was disappointed but the federal interviews are like that. I don’t know how they can choose the right person in that way.

When I left the building, I thanked the blond and I went to the park and ride. When my bus came I saw the driver was a butch. What a coincidence. In 15 minutes I arrived to the bus station and I don’t know why I was in the line for going to Toronto. Well, somebody asked if that was the line to Toronto and I answered “no, Montreal”. I was wrong. Maybe I was just tired.

Finally, I went home and my loyal cat was waiting for me.


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