My college Suzanne told days ago she could help me about my interview that I’m having in April. She said she had a book but finally she lent it to someone else. He had lunch together, it was weird, I never eat with someone, I realized after my separation eating was a very intimate thing. Well, I ate with her and at that moment she told me when she lost her job, an important company sent her to a human resources training. She learnt there all the “secrets” of the interviews, like shaking hands, the way we look each other, the way you dress. I don’t know why she’s helping so much.

Today was my first meeting at the job. I think it’s the first time I see all the team (or almost) in one place. I think there were like 3 absences. Just today we were about 18 people sat in a big table. I was surprised Chetra looked for me because I thought was a meeting just for the “real” staff and not me because I’m temporary employee.

They were making a kind of tour of the every adviser and assistant. It was a way to say news about each other. Most of them were telling things like “I bought a condominium” or “I’ll go to New York” or simply “everything is fine”. What I coincidence, because I was late I sat just beside the last person who was talking. I just said “I apologize because I’m late” Chetra said “I know something new about her, she’s becoming Canadian”. Everybody looked at me smiled and clapped their hands. I just smiled them back I was a bit surprised. Almost at the end of the meeting the big boss said they renewal my contract and that she heard I work very well.

It was flattering. I felt great.

Inside the office, we received an e-mail about Ottawa was looking for a kind of focus group. They’re testing a new English test. Why? One student from the language school stole a federal language test. We don’t know where, I think is from Ottawa, so, it means the French test I guess. We were surprised. The language tests sometimes can be hard to pass but it’s the first time I heard something like that happened. I mean, in Canada is unusual to see those kind of things. On the top of the cherry, the big boss told us to lock our things because someone stole some documents from an office. Even a woman, who has a piggy-bank, was victim of robbery. The bottom of the piggy-bank was broken. The gay adviser was suspicious about the cleaning service, who are, most of the time, Latinos.

Well, many things came out this afternoon. Let’s say tomorrow, does everybody will see each other with different eyes?


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