Horrible News

It’s been almost a year since my separation. Today, I discovered my ex has, or had, since our separation, a new girlfriend. I was quite disturbing. I learnt in 2006, when we were together, she put an ad on Curve magazine to date lesbians. I don’t know what to think.

I called my friend Étienne, I was crying, I just said “I don’t want you to judge me”. And I told him how I knew about her. He listened to me but I knew wasn’t able to help me a lot. I called a Peruvian friend who I don’t talk to much since she’s with her boyfriend. She was more receptive, well, she’s a Latin woman, who lived a separation too. We were agree about my ex was bitch. The woman she’s dating is from Ottawa. For a moment I thought she was with her for improving her English. Believe me, she’s able to do anything. But she seems happy with her, you know, sleeping in my mattress.

I read what bitch told to her new girlfriend, things like “family is very important thing for me”. Or “I speak, French, English, Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, I understand Portuguese and Italian” Well, she should say how she learnt the Spanish. She told me once the best way to speak a language was sleeping with someone who speaks that language. And when she moved to Gatineau she was afraid to lose her Spanish, “happily” for her, one of her colleges is an Argentinian, that’s why sometimes I think she’s with her because off matter of language. Well, that’s why I think she’s dating that girl. But maybe, she’s in love. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Yes, I’m crazy and I feeling like an idiot right now.

All this happens when my aunt, my father’s sister is in the hospital dying slowly. I talked to him almost every day for many reasons, one of them it’s I feel alone most of the time. And today I told him about my ex. I felt a bit stupid because he’s going through a difficult situation and I’m just feeling down. I don’t know. I wish to have more friends.



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