My Second Time at Drugstore

Finally, I went to a lesbian bar. In fact, is a gay bar but just Fridays there’s a huge quantity of lesbian customers. With a couple of lesbian friends, we decided to go last Friday.

Just to tell you the age of our group was: Marie-Claude (44 with a kid), her girlfriend (or fuck friend) Manon (45), Sylvie (47) and me (34). All of us looked younger, especially Sylvie, I thought she was only 42.

It was 10 pm when we arrived. There were a lot of people. The Drugstore is a building of 4 floors, a couple of balconies, basement and other services like bars, mini-restaurant, pool games and slot machines. The 1st floor, where we stayed for a couple of minutes was full of young women and when I say young I mean under 30 years old. In the 2nd floor, there were women over 40. The 3rd floor is a dance floor. The 4th floor was closed (the balcony).dsc00168

The bouncer was a bit busy with two gays totally drunk. In the dance floor, there was an aboriginal older lesbian, of course drunk too, who was took out because she was having too much fun dancing alone and being a bit violent with other lesbians customers.

After talking a bit in the 1st floor, we decided to go to the dance floor. So, we sat in the bar and you sit, you have to buy something to drink. Knowing the prices are overrated I waited Sylvie for her drink and think about my choice. She bought an Ice Smirnoff, the price: 6.50$ + tip. Well, I’m a fan of Smirnoff but not this time. In fact, I got boxes and boxes of Smirnoff at home because my ex roommate Jérôme left before leaving. So, I saw the screen of the bar computer and there was juice. So, I asked for an orange juice the price: 4$ + tip. The juice longed till midnight!!!.

There were no many girls on the dance floor. It was funny see 5 people (including myself) moving or pretending to dance with the DJ’s 80’s music. I must to admit she wasn’t an excellent DJ. I think the only person who danced decently and in a gay way was the barman. A medium-feminine gay guy. When you’re a boy over 30 with no much hair you shave it, and the barman was one of them. Maybe he was over 40. He dared to jump to the bar and dance yelling as a crazy bitch.

dsc00167Later on, 3 young butch skin head came to the dance floor, when I saw that I was thinking the party was almost over. But they left to the other side of the floor. Ufff, what a relief! After dancing, drinking my juice and sitting, I started to stare at my glass. Marie-Claude’s friend came to ask me if everything was fine. I said yes, some seconds later, other barman came to ask me the same question and I answered with the same monosyllable. I think I looked a bit down but I wasn’t, maybe tired but not depressed. The barman told me usually at 11 pm the dance floor is full of people, that is was rare to be empty like this time. He added “maybe is empty because Britney Spears is in town”. Whatever. Sylvie was a bit frustrated because she’s not really a disco girl and wasn’t able to talk to anybody because of music decibels. She left before midnight. Manon looked more in love than Marie-Claude. She was always behind M-C, caressing her and kissing her gently. I told to M-C she didn’t look very in love with her. She replied after her separation (from a man) “I have no problem to have sex with a woman, but in my mind, to be in couple with a woman is other thing. In my mind is impossible”. To star a relationship with an ex hetero is most of the time complicated. They don’t believe a relationship, family, kids or whatever is possible because of a hetero-normatively which says the only possible way to be in couple is being a man and a woman.

We decided to leave and when we were going down I saw Étienne looking for me. I called him before if he wanted to pass and have a beer with me. He was late as usual, but I was happy to see him. A couple of hours ago I was bothering him telling him he could sell his sperm to the desperate lesbians who want to have babies. I introduced Étienne to my friends and he told me we had seen many beautiful girls in the bar.

M-C and Manon, drove me home and before sleeping I just kissed my cat, wrote a couple of things in my blog and I went to bed thinking it was amazing to have seen many lesbians and not feeling like a freak.


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