The Tribunal

Well, after 1 year I got my first important interview in Ottawa. I said in my work that I had a medical appointment. I had no choice but lying. I left my office at 10.30 for taking the bus at 11 am. I arrived almost at 1.30 pm. I asked the driver where Sparks Street was. Hopefully, he gave me good instructions and I arrived. I thought my interview was at 2 but it was at 2.45 pm. I went to the Tribunal and next to the telephone there was a post-it it wich said  “for the interviews dial 1111 and ask for Benoît or Zanael” So, I called Benoît and he confirmed my interview was at 2.45 pm.

I had time to walk down Sparks Street where the headquarter of my elder work is. Usually, my smoker friend goes outside to smoke but this time she wasn’t there. I decided to have a coffee. It cost me 3 $ when usually costs in Tim Horton’s (a Canadian coffee chain) is just 1,75 $. Anyway, I needed a coffee.

When I went back, there was a girl wearing tennis, in jeans and with a flashy blouse who asked a woman about when they will give an answer. My God, that clown was a candidate! How can you dress in that way when you’re applying in a Tribunal? Whatever, the girl left and the woman told me some would come to let me in. And there he was. It was Benoît in person. He was so cute, handsome and…I don’t know, he was…a pretty boy. He was blond, and was wearing his glasses and his fashion jeans. Yes, for a moment I asked to myself…”Why do I love women when in front of me there a good and handsome boy?”.  He was in charge to give me the first part of the interview. It was typing the cover of a reason for decision. He conduced me to a room and gave a sealed envelope. He asked me to open it, which I did, and I found a paper and a diskette. Yes, 2009 and there was a diskette. I was expecting a flash driver or USB key. When he saw my face he said “yes, a bit old” I told him that in my other job, the commissioners still use tapes for recording his decisions.

The typing consisted in retype in word, a decision, well, the first page of a decision. I did it pretty well. After 15 minutes, Benoît came back to pick my diskette up, and gave me another envelope. This time, there was a paper with 5 situations and I had to choose the order of priorities. I had to say I was nervous and I didn’t expect that kind of questions for a clerk position. Anyway, I typed my answers and Benoit took it again.

A couple of minutes later, the woman I saw in the entrance came to drive me to another conference room. I met there another man, who looked tired and fed up of interviewing. The woman sat and she started the interview with a typical Canadian question: “Do you want the interview in English or French?” I said “I don’t mind, in French”. She gave me a federal form to fill, things like my address and name and where I come from etc etc etc. I was nervous because I live in Montreal and I gave the address of my friend in Gatineau. I don’t know what they’ll think about that later. I’m more nervous about it than the interview itself.

The first question was “name five cities around Canada where there’s a Tribunal office”. Damn it. It never thought to study the Tribunal. I just gave 5 important cities in Canada like, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnigpeg and Halifax. At least, the first three names I’m sure there’s an office. The second question was about a register. I didn’t know, no clue, I felt lost. The third was a difficult client. What to do with? I said what I did when at the Board a violent client came. I think I gave a good answer. And there were like 3 questions more I don’t remember or maybe I don’t want to remember. Finally, they gave the opportunity to ask them about the job. The big question was when they will choose the person. And the said “If everything goes well, the beginning of May”.

I have to wait two months just to know if I’m in or out.


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