New Job New Dreams

I started my new job last Monday. I work again in the federal government. My job consists in enter data entry information about languages tests administrated to candidates who applied to the federal government and I call the person of human resource to tell the score the candidate got. I prepare the envelopes with the results to be sent, I close the candidates’ files. My team loves the way I work and I love the environment. Unfortunately is a contract and it will finish on April the 3rd.

There are many strange things in life. Like working scheduling federal tests and you didn’t pass an important test yourself. When I received the letter with my score I just didn’t know who to kill, the system itself or the person who entered my score. And now I’m in the other side, I belong to the “bad boys”. Isn’t ironic?

Two days later I started this job I received two emails inviting me to pass two interviews. I was shocked and paralyzed. But I don’t panic, I’m just feeling nervous.

I’ll see if I got a place in Ottawa.


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