Busy Saturday

Saturday as usual, I went out with the walking group to Bizard Island, situated at the very east of Montreal. We met at Namur metro station (my first time there) and there I met Elizabeth, a woman who was the first time I went with the group. We chatted a bit and we joined the rest of the people for the car pool. 2 cars for 7 people.metro-namur

There was a new one. A woman from United States who married a Quebecquer and now lives with him in Montreal. She explained as despite the fact she married a Canadian, she didn’t get the citizenship immediately. She was an adult teacher and because her status she wasn’t able to work. It was in that moment I realized an important number of members in the group were teachers, and the funny thing, most of them aren’t Canadians either.

A woman, retired worker from Iberia and British Airways was born in Iran, but her parents are from Poland. They were escaping from the invasion during the II world war. Her parents met when they need to cover themselves. A Canadian citizen helped then in Iran, and that’s she was born there. They had to options for escape definitely from Europe: Canada or Australia. They chose the nearest country. Now, this woman teaches English part time.

Another member was born in Hungary. His accent is especial but not hard to understand. He married an Ecuadorian. After living in Romania and Germany, he moved in Canada. He was an engineer, now is retired and gives couching advises.

wgroup81There’s a tall, funny and nice woman from England. I don’t remember why she went to Australia where she met her husband. She was a teacher in England and after her immigration she teaches English too. Her accent is very strong; sometimes I got troubles to understand her. I learnt British English and after being in total immersion in a French society, I got a hard time when she speaks. I had to admit her accent is very charming just like herself. She has an incredible sense of humour. Unbelievable.

There many women in the group. Other member, a woman who was born near US was a teacher too. Almost everybody are retired. Of course, I forgot to tell there is me, who comes from Peru.

We walked about 8 km. The group chose Bizard Island, very beautiful place. Snow everywhere and we were fascinated by the animal’s foot prints. When we finished we went to eat. That’s the part I don’t like because I don’t want to expend money when I got food at my place. I know is a way to socialize but for me it can be expensive. I chose a cheap meal: poutine. French fries with a hot sauce and on the top almost melted cheese. A guy told me “you’re very Canadian”. The American woman looked the mythical dish with a sceptical look. She was vegetarian but she didn’t dare to try my poutine which belongs to the vegetarian repertory.

After that, we left the restaurant and went home. When I arrived here, at my room, Stéphane complained about our 3erd roommate, who doesn’t anything at all, just watching the tv. After a couple of minutes we went to the airport to pick Christophe up, who came from Alberta.

dsc00244When I arrived once again at the apartment I watched my hockey match and after I called my best friend to participate in the Montreal All-nighter. We met at Berri station, it was 11 pm. And we started at the Contemporary Arts Museum. We saw Claude Toussignant’s retrospective. And after we had seen his works, we went to the opera but not for a concert. Well, there was a concert but of a rap group. I didn’t like when a white guy who never suffered from discrimination and who thinks is cool singing in a particularly style, dressed as a black gang member and jumps like a crazy…that was too much. But I agreed his music was very good. I repeat, I don’t like rap. We left the downtown at 3 am. I was almost dead but I woke up this morning at 7.30, as usual. The name of the band is Gatineau, what a coincidence.

I wanted to go the Unitarian Church, like every Sunday but I was tired and I wanted to make grocery and concentrate myself in looking for a job and studying English.

I hope been lucky tomorrow.



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