My Two Moms

csl-film-033Today has been a special day. Let’s say ordinary in the morning, I was looking for a job as usual, without luck as usual but tonight I went to Lesbian Solidarity Center (LSC). It was the presentation of a documentary: My Two Moms.

I talked a bit with the director Aurore Thériault, she lives in New Brunswick but lived in Montreal some years ago. Her idea of this documentary was born from a personal wish: she didn’t want to have children. As a good lesbian, she knew some other lesbians who adopted or had kids by insemination.

There were 4 couples from 4 different generations. Even the members of the LSC were in the documentary, the couple has 2 kids, a Chinese-Colombian guy was the donator. The most interesting thing was to see a young man, who was raised by two lesbian and the cool way he grew up with them. He explained that for him he was in an ordinary family. Another girl raised by lesbians too said “I wish my mother would have been more affectionate with her girlfriend in from of me”.csl-film-0211

The most important thing in the documentary was to see the love in different ways. Everyone left the Center with hope and believing that a homo parental family is possible and perfectly normal. I told my friend Guylaine “I got hope that I can find a girl and have a family with her”. She replied “yes, it’s just a matter of time”.

It’s possible to be happy. It’s a relief to have meet people in a documentary happy together…as a family.


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