The Toronto Guy

Before coming to this bloody country, without knowing nobody but the bitch, I decided to be a member of a Peruvian group on internet. The group is called Peruvians in Canada. All the members, independent immigrants trying to cheat mandatory items asked by the embassy or simply for knowing who already is in Canada, who’s going soon, how to find an apartment, how the winter is, how much can it cost living in Montreal and so on.

I asked a simple question that for me it was crucial for someone who never went out of the country, I mean, the first world. I uploaded my question which it was related to Atlanta’s airport. I wrote something like what to do after the plane landed. And someone answered me. He said “there’s a kind of subway, take one and it’ll leave you to your next door for the connection to Montreal”. That guy was the person who’d become a friend: Pancho.

We wrote to each other, he explained a couple of things about this hell called Canada. He’s an industrial engineer. He worked at the international airport in Lima and after the Fujimori’s government, he was laid off. He had a girlfriend who had the great idea to go to Canada. And him, because he was still with her, he did the same thing. Before leaving Lima, he cheated on her. Of course, she didn’t want to know anything about him. He moved to Toronto, with 2 other Peruvian roommates.

He told me that his first job, he found it took him 8 months. In my case, 5 months. Nobody wanted to hire him. The first problem when you arrive is employers ask if you’ve already had a Canadian experience. A very stupid question knowing you’re a new comer. Anyway, his first job was a real nightmare and his boss was a real shit.

As he wanted to change his situation or trying to delete or improve his  situation as immigrant, he decided to go to a college for being a kind of technical clerk in airports. He asked for a student loan and moved to another small city; Barrie, at 1.5 hour from Toronto. He found a basement, he bought many things for he’s first apartment and went to study. After 3 years, he finished his career. He applied to several jobs in all the Ontario airports without success. After that, he had to move because his landlord changed. Without a job , 13 000 in scholar studies debt, and no apartment he had to move to Toronto again.

There, he stayed for a couple of weeks in a friend’s house. And finally, he found a place, which landlord is a Chinese family. He shares a basement with a guy who seems to be in welfare, who ate his food and drunk his coffee. He did that  for a couple of weeks. Now, he hides his food in his room. He didn’t find a job related to his career. A friend of him found his a job. Now, he’s a janitor, he cleans the bathrooms and the floors. For going to his job, it takes almost 2 hours and he sleeps in the seats while the bus in on the road.

He seems very depressed. He told me that maybe he’d return to Peru. He never imagined finishing his Canadian dream cleaning toilets. Or maybe his drama is just begun. No matter if you have a Canadian diploma, isn’t a guarantee to find a better job in this country. I met him in person just last year, when coincidentaly, he was in Lima visiting his dentist and I was with the bitch.

Sometimes I get scared to finish my days like him. I just want to work for the federal government as soon as possible.



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