The Unitarian Church

A lesbian friend (most an acquaintance) told in the Lesbian Solidarity Center there was a church who gay peouchurch1ple were welcomed. I didn’t believe, well, it was quasi impossible to mix those ideas or principles together. I went this morning, despite I was invited by my roommates to see a gospel mess, and as usual, I got lost. But finally I found the place. It’s situated in front of Vendome metro station, in Montreal west, something like 20 minutes by metro. Yes, a bit far but I didn’t care.

The service was at 10.30 am. and I arrived at 11 am. Everyone was in the hall where the minister, a woman with Jewish roots (and looked lesbian) was speaking. As the catholic priests, she was wearing a kind of long scarf very colourful; I should say gay because from the beginning to the end of the scarf, the rainbow colors were in there.

Beside her, there was a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women Community, who explained the people about the Coran, myths and realities. It was very instructive and everything was in English. The Unitarian community is basically Anglophone. I heard many Quebecquers complain about Anglos. Comments such a “they’re not like us”, “they think different”. I was happily surprised about their hospitality and the groups they have like the choral, the ecological group, the children’s group and many other activities they do.

Almost all the members were  showing cards with their names, others show their cards with a rainbow on it, I guess they were gay. uchurch2I saw members of the walking group and I said hello to them. At the end of the discussion we were invited to eat the Noah’s pudding (Ashure), a sweet dessert prepared of mixed nuts and fruits in a pudding texture in the Middle East and coffee. There was a little library and a section of free English books, of course I took one, I need to read more in English.

After that, I had a bit of time to chat to Rita, a member and the Sunday kids teacher of the church. She was so nice to me and beautiful. I chatted a bit with the minister, Diane Rollert, it was very strange to meet people freely and feeling their positive energies.

I know where to go next Sunday.


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