It’s the first time I go to a gay bar. I felt like a boy scout. The bar (or a complex) it’s called Drugstore. 80% of their clients are lesbians. I saw the lesbian rainbow there.

I saw the big butchs, I saw women of 50 and over, beautifdrugstoreul despite their age, well dressed up, class and of course, with money. I saw some youngest, under 25. But all, everyone was or belonged to a group. That means, I was alone. It was hard. Just for not looking so miserable I picked up my cell phone and I pretended to talk or call someone.

All, every single women were in a group. For a moment I thought “Ok, I’m here and who will look to this unemployed immigrant?”. Some girls looked at me for curiosity. You know, you feel observed; you feel “new in town” or “fresh meet”. I went early, let’s say 9.00 pm. The old women were leaving. Of course, I left too some minutes later.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I hear there’s a party there. Should I go? It begins at 11 pm. I have no friends with a car. So, should I go home on foot? Should I take a taxi? Or should I find a girl with for sleeping with?

Hard decision to make.


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