Ottawa again

Well, once again I went to Ottawa to pass another test. I met some other people from the Board, it was amazing to meet such a nice people. Like a girl I worked and who I drove crazy with my requests. Especially the lost documents, I had to explained why the docs. weren’t never there. I was funny work with her, telling her jokes and talk about everything and nothing.

I met another kind of mini boss, she was so kind with me, unbelievable. Of ocurse, I finally met the woman from who I have bizarre feelings. She’s the person of human resources, so, it means, a bitch. I mean, when you follow the rules “ad pedem litterae”, no feelings when you have to hire or fire a person. That person only follows the rules of the game. Despite her French family name she speaks English. And believe me, she wasn’t able to pronounce the test rules properly. She had problems for reading French. I felt sorry for her but at the same time I felt proud of myself that I got a high level in my third language: French.

We were only 2 people for the test. I had to pass the writing and the other girl reading comprehension.

After the test I waited for 2 friends of mine. They work in IT section. They’re so cool even if they’re older than me, I guess they’re in their 50’s. We ate and we talked about the health service in Gatineau. Let’s say, the jean-chretienmedical services in Québec, in general, it’s disgusting. All the doctors prefer have plastic surgery specialisation than being generalists. So, I admit I was I bit scared because even if the service is better in Ottawa, you can’t go to a hospital because you in live in Quebec. And in the Quebecquer side, the hospitals never receive people, even if is an urgency. In fact, for the doctors, urgencies don’t exist. Moving to Gatineau has other complicate sides. I hope don’t get sick there.

After that, we said good bye. I had nothing to do in Ottawa, and again, I took my bus. When I was walking down Kent street, I tried to cross the street in the Peruvian way; no mater what color is the light, red or green, you cross running the street. In the second street I wanted to do the same thing, I preferred to stop and wait for the light, like a responsible citizen. I saw a big Buick black car approaching, I don’t know why but I stared to car and when it passed beside my I saw the ex Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. I was paralyzed, I didn’t have the reflex to take out my cell phone and take a picture of him. A half of Canadians hate him the other I won’t say love him but isn’t the love of their lives. It was him who refused to send Canada to the war. At least he did something good. The other side don’t love him because he was a real idiot, for answering questions or doing the right things. Anyway, nobody remembers him now.

And when I was arriving to the bus station there was a crush accident. I took a couple of pictures. Nobody was death.

car-accident1I arrived home early, so I decided to buy me 2 PS2 games. I need to change my mind after studying and stressing myself about the future.

Tomorrow is another day…tomorrow I have to find a job and looking for an apartment in Gatineau. I wish I could have holidays.


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