The Couch Surfing

Two of my friends in Gatineau weren’t able to host me for one night. I had to pass an important test today in the morning and due to of time, I’d miss the test if I hadn’t slept in Gatineau the night before. I thought to book a hotel but a good friend of mine in France talked to me about the couch surfing. It’s a web site where people around the world offers you for a couple of days or nights, a place to rest, most of the time, a couch or a mattress or a bed.terminus-ottawa3

I contacted 5 people, just Joan answered me positively. It was amazing to find gay and lesbians married people etc. etc. etc. in that website. The girl who hosted me was very nice. She picked me up from the bus station and drove at her place. A tiny apartment but cozy. She was gentle, she offered me to watch a movie, an even a pizza for dinner. I preferred to eat poutine with her outside. After that, she explained me about the city and I told her about my life, my ex (I never said to her I was a lesbian) and about my future moving.

At night, after seeing 1 hour of Bourne Identity, we went to sleep. She had a teddy bear and I slept with him. I missed my cat a lot. It was difficult to sleep in the couch, first, I had a headache, because of the trip and the stress I guess, and after 2 hours trying to sleep in vain, I decided to sleep in the floor, which it was great.

u-ottawaIn the morning Joan invited me orange juice and croissants…delicious. I didn’t want to drink coffee; I wanted to be “clean” for my test. She drove me to the University of Ottawa. She went to work in a restaurant.

It was 8 am. At 8.30, the woman of human resources called us for the test. The group was divided in two: Anglos and Francophones. I went with the Francos. There were just 30.

The test was in 5 sections, all chronometric. I think I passed. The record will be sent at our homes. In this case, at my friend’s place. Happily I changed the address because before was the bitch’s address I gave.

When I finished the test I went out for going the bus station. As usual I was lost. I asked in the parking a black man where the station was. He told me I was very far. As an African, he was very cool. At first I asked the question “Do you speak French or English?” Remember, I’m in Ottawa. I said “If you like I can drive you there” I said “if you don’t mind” And he said “I don’t mind if you don’t”. So, I said to myself “what the hell”. I jumped in his car, in the back seat there were 2 little girls, of 3 years and 6 months. Her mother worked in the University. terminus-ottawa12The guy told me he was from Burundi. I said I was Peruvian, that my ex left me. He said, and it’s the second person who says the same thing, maybe “he has  another woman but you’ll find another guy too”. I replied “no thanks”. And he said “you were disgusted of him, but you never know, maybe you’ll find someone else, he’ll live in his place and you in yours”. I took 10 minutes to arrive to the bus station. On foot, at -15 would have me taken 30 minutes.

I said thanks to Diomet…life is strange…but I’m confident about life.



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