Today I bought my bus ticket for going to Ottawa, this is the 4 time in this month I going to. My best friend helps me a lot, he buys me the ticket with his student card and I got a discount of…I don’t know 10% or 15%. I don’t know how many times he “went” to the capital.

After my separation he has been the only person able to help in this miserable country. I remember myself crying and he beside me holding me in his arms or just been there. He listens to me all the time and vice verse. I think he’s the most similar type of latino friend, I mean, always there.

After buying the ticket I joined him and we went to a restaurant and he gave the coffee. Well, I drank 2 cups and I feel electrical. My body is shaking like if I were very nervous, ok, I’m, my test is in just 2 days, I’ll met someone I never met in all my life who will host me for a night and after, I’ll go back home.

I got nauseas, I cough because of the nauseas, my arms are still shaking, my left foot is autonomous, is moving itself. My stomach aches, I feel hungry but I don’t want to because I’ll throw it up. I wish I could call my dad but I’ll cry after say “hello”. So, I’ll wait.

I must say I started a special “coffee rehabilitation”. Since 2 weeks I drink just milk in the morning with toast. I admit I feel fine but for waking me up and need more than that.

I’m stressed up; I feel down and dull at the same time.

I must eat something.


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