I got my score of my test of oral proficiency in French. I got E, which it means, outstanding. I was so surprised; I was expecting a C, a very good level. I can’t believe it, I’m very proud.

I sent my record to the Human resources in Ottawa, for the job I’m applying. She told me she’ll schedule my writing test for the next week, the oral in English will be booked for the government the same week I guess. At the end of the week, I have to pass another test.

Right now, I’m studying English grammar, reading as much as I can, testing my English on line, looking for a job, looking for a place to stay in Gatineau and dreaming to meet a sexy girl just to liberate my stress.

I called my best friend, he wasn’t surprise. Right now, I have look like a schizophrenic because I speak aloud in English. Maybe I should call my friend in Arizona for improving my spoken English level.

I remember when I met bitch we used to speak in English all the time and my level was good enough. When we lived together I made her promised we spoke only in Spanish at home, which she did and very well, and of course, my French, at the time, wasn’t so developed. Now, I have to come in time, check all my vocabulary, prepare my speech and be cool.

I hope the evaluator don’t my mind my Latino accent.


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