Sick and Sick of

Yesterday I went (once again) to Ottawa. I think I spoke enough French to the evaluator. It’s very funny, Quebecois have a strong accent but if one Quebecois wants to impress you, I’ll try to “clean” his accent to make it look like their French cousins.

The test, for someone like me who is immersed in a Franco society, was quite easy. It was like being at Alliance Française and listen the all tapes with dialogues on it. When I met the guy he looked like he was sick of meeting another Anglophone to test in French. It wasn’t so nice but anyway. I left Montreal en 2 hours later I was in Ottawa, -29, I walked 17 blocks (because there’s a bus strike), I wasn’t so frozen but I had throat ache since the day before because I walked down Montreal streets at -21). So, as you can imagine, speaking was painful but it did well.

When I realized the complexity of the dialogues, the only thing I was thinking it was the English version of that test I have to pass maybe in 3 weeks. I have to be ready. My English is quite rusty. Now I’m a bit nervous, for real.

Right now I’m sick, I got my first cold in Canada. I wish I could sleep but I have to look for another job. My contract finished yesterday morning before leaving to Ottawa.

At the end of all this experience I met an old friend of mine. She has been in Nunavut (the end of the world at -45). It was great to see her again, she was my mentor years ago. Now she has a big house, a boyfriend and a new job. She was explaining me how was leaving Montreal, after living there for 12 years and her new “place” in Gatineau, how she met her boyfriend, a nice guy, why she left him for almost 6 months etc etc etc. I had forgotten how pleasant is to see old and kind people. He had supper together and we drank beer and wine. The alcohol is not so good for me. When I took the bus for coming back here I was scared but I don’t know why. I’ve just felt fear…of the unknown…what is coming next.

I feel confident about the future but I have to patient.


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