Well, I had my results from my English. I failed one and I passed the comprehension test. That means, my writing wasn’t so good.

Of course, it was very hard for me to receive the news. Especially when I wanted to fax the results to the place I want to go in Ottawa. Tomorrow I have to pass the French oral test. In fact, it was cancelled by the people who demanded me to pass it. After receiving his e-mail he called me saying…”you can do it, if you like, it could be useful for you for another application. In that way, we won’t have to pay any fine for the services we asked for”. I understood they want me to pass the test because of a fine. And a fine for them, not for me. Anyway, I’ve already bought the bus ticket, I’ve already said to my boss I had to pass a test in Ottawa, and I’ve already said to a friend of mine that I’ll go tomorrow there. Do I have something to lose? Just 50 dollars for the bus ticket that I’ve already bought. I forgot to tell you they eliminated me from the competition. It was for working at the National Library. But I didn’t like the idea to work once again in a library. I just wanted my results to apply elsewhere.

 I confess I was shocked when I saw my results. I almost have C for the reading comprehension (which is a high score) and I have a shameful A for the writing. A, yes A is close to X (fail)….so how come I got a high score in one and in the other I’m a zero?

When I passed the test, it was in a computer not in that kind of booklet. I was a bit nervous, I was blind when I read the questions and in my mind my boss’s voice was there “your English is not good either”, because my French is poor too. I didn’t verify my answers. What’s more, I didn’t understand how the software worked. Just at the end I understood better when I passed the other test (45 minutes later).

 I can pass another time the test but I have to wait 30 days. I spoke to the human resources person in Ottawa (for the Board, the place I want to work) and she told she’ll schedule another test for me, including the oral English test. If I fail this time, I’ll be eliminated from the application to the Board. Another thing to be stressed.

My roommate told me I speak fast in French. I have to pay attention. I don’t want to make a mistake; I need another B for my profile BBB.

I find hard those things, because you’re not native, you have to prove twice you’re good enough, in English and French


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