Lazy job

Well, I called this morning to the woman of Human Resources. She only asked me I had my Second Language Test result. I said “yes and the oral I’ll pass it this Thursday”. She said too “I see you worked for us in Montreal” And I replied proudly “yes, 10 months”. And the conversation finished with my phrase “If you like I can fax my results right now”. That’s it, that’s all. Ok, ok, I was a bit disappointed of our conversation. I was expecting more questions for her…but no. This is an important opportunity for me…and she seemed so …flat…anyway, we’ll see what’s next.

In my job, my boss told me Thursday is my last day at the Commission. The fact I wasn’t able to make correctly a transcription for a commissioner (well, the commissioner send a furious e-mail to her saying the person who did the job didn’t speak English). She was quite upset knowing the office is overwhelmed and with no personal (absences and vacancies). I think she was quite nice with me, she is keeping me this week but there is no much work for me apart from printing and making photocopies…they really need transcriptions.

What I did today was quite calm and boring. I classed decisions. One was from my country. They give her refugee protection. I read the decision and let me tell you that, the commissar, a woman, in one of the paragraphs said there were several contradictions in her narrative, but she couldn’t establish the information was wrong or false. And I read she said “I give her the benefit of doubt”. Well, another lucky Peruvian in Canada. Anyway, her story was so simple; I never met a Peruvian without imagination and a travesty without luck. It was then I realized that the determinations depend on the commissar’s heart. As I heard, when a commissar can control its emotions…it can gives a better determination. What I see of the other Peruvian cases, I think only 4 from 20 were accepted as refugees.

I printed other things for the files. There were moments I had nothing to do. I felt so unproductive. Before leaving, my boss told me I tomorrow and before I leave, if I had nothing I could leave earlier. I won’t make many hours this week and bothers me. I spent 50$ per week only in bus tickets

My boss is leaving to Ottawa the same day as me. Anyway, I have to pass my test, I have to spent money, I have to move, I have to do many things and next week …I have to found another job.

Bitchy life, for now.


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