Oh My God

Well, today is one of those days the unbelievable happens. I don’t know what’s happening in my life.

I applied for a job in the Great Capital, Ottawa. The same job I was doing last year, in the same Minister but in the capital. I used the address of the bitch and I applied something like 3 or 4 weeks ago to the job and today, yes, today, the day I forgot my cell phone, the woman of Human Resources called me.

I was astonished. I knew when I left home that I was forgetting my cell and I thought it would be very stupid to not come back and pick it up. But I didn’t. The funny thing is, I had to talk to her  many weeks ago because I need a special code number for working in my actual job. She was very kind and sent me my paper. So …this evening when I heard her voice, well, her French accent…I was…shocked…almost paralysed when I saw in my cell that, an Ottawa call was there.

You know, life is a drama…now, everything is spinning to fast. What’s more, this afternoon, a girl came to the office to check my transcription. The new secretary came to replace many others who are fed up or sick of. I overheard she said ” the dictation is very complicated and always mixed-up, it’s confusing”. In my mind, I realized that my transcription was very good, despite the fact my boss said I missed words. I was quite happy. After all, I’m not so bad for the transcriptions. Of course, my boss, didn’t say a thing about it.

So, I don’t know if I’m celebrating or just getting relaxed, I drank a Smirnoff, I feel dull, but happy. I think I going outside, -12, and enjoy this white hell called winter…because…there are many things in live to be happy, like be proud of oneself.


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