Trip to the Great Capital

 I’m back in Montreal. I had to pass 2 important language tests in the Capital, Ottawa. In fact, I forgot completely about then and I took the bus quickly after my work. A college in Gatineau was waiting for me and she hosted the night before my tests.
It’s the first time I go to the Capital, I mean, walking down the streets. Watching everything like a tourist. Before I did it but with the bitch and in her car.

I was impressed by the beauty of the buildings, I mean, for someone who was born in another capital like Lima, being in the first world and in the capital, man, it was awesome.

 The other thing that was surprising was the hospitality of my college. It’s a woman of 50 years old, very cool. I worked with her almost 10 months. She works for the Board but in Ottawa, before that, she lived in Montreal and she moved to Gatineau almost 12 years ago. I met her husband, daughter and grandchildren. The husband, a man in his 60, wears earrings in both ears. A cool guy and a Harley Davison lover. We talked about Peru, the militarism, weather etc. etc. etc. I slept in their basement. I was happy. Happy to be part of a family, even it was just for one night. The grandchildren looked at me as I was an extraterrestrial, well; I’m an immigrant, almost the same. Quite exotic.

The next day, we drank coffee at 6 am. And I felt a bit guilty because the night before I said I came to Canada because of my ex (they thought it was a boy), so I decided to tell to my friend the truth, that I was gay and she took it so cool. She didn’t stop to be nice or affectionate towards me. It’s funny, it’s a woman that only met by TV (video conference between all the regions around Canada) and I was there, at her home, talking about my separation and my dreams to conquer the Capital. She feed me, she was so …I don’t know, why she was so nice to a person who never met before?.

The tests were quite complicated. Let’s say, they were the same tests I had to pass months ago but in French. This time, was in English and after all my grammar mistakes I did in transcriptions I felt …well, mixed-up. I felt confident but at the same time, I don’t know if I passed. Well, the reading comprehension I’m sure I did it pretty well, but the writing ….I wouldn’t bet even 1 penny.

It was weird. I had in my mind my boss telling “do your best at the first time”. , “the adjective goes before the noun” and all her grammar advises. Another woman was there to calm me down. Diane. I haven’t seen her since the New Year’s party. Probably, I won’t see her again but is everywhere I go.

I was surprise of the number of tested candidates, like 30. The center is in the same building of Canada recruiting office (Army and Navy). At it was a relief to see there are gays in the Army. Well, in all the Public Service in general. I can’t believe it. I saw gays and lesbians, I really liked feel that absence to be hidden.

After the tests, I had lunch with another college. She invited me Chinese food and we were talking about all her and my ex co-workers. Maybe she’ll move to Ottawa because she lives in Gatineau too. I knew through her that my ex boss was in the office but I couldn’t see him. What a pity. After talking to another colleges and visiting the head quarter in Ottawa, I had to say good bye to my friends and specially, the woman who helped me for one night. She held me tight in her arms and she wished me luck.

I had to walk 10 or 12 blocks in the middle of snow storm to get to the bus station. Usually takes 2 hours to come back to Montreal, but this time, because of snow, took 3 hours.

I’m home now. I’m pretty proud and happy about this small step for me and that greatest jump I’m doing to find a better future in my life.


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