Shame on me

It didn’t finish yet the transcription about the lesbian girl. There 2 tapes and I finished just one (two sides).

I did another transcription last week and it was sent to Ottawa. The commissioner read it and sent an email to my superior saying “the person who taped the transcription doesn’t speak English”. I was so ashamed when she told me that. I felt totally analphabetic.

One thing is for sure. It the first time I type decision, I mean, for a Commission, the “slang” is quite complicated and different, it isn’t like typing to a friend…I don’t know why she laughed when she read aloud the message. You should have seen my face. I wanted the earth swelled me. She asked if someone corrected my draft…honestly, I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t remember what decision she was talking about. About the Turkish guy who was persecuted by a terrorist organization or the guy from Mexico, which I don’t even remember. The point is I was in shame.

I have to pass 2 tests on Thursday and it doesn’t encourage me to much.

After that, another person came to her office and they went to verify the actual decision I’m typing. My superior, Francine told to the another man (Anglophone) that I was “learning the phrases and the structure of the decision”. What’s more, I work because an agency found me the job. And as before, I had no training about how to type or other things. She seemed defending me or supporting me. What she was doing, was appreciated by still…I felt in pieces.

After my experience in the Industrial Relations Board, I adored work with lawyer and law. Here is not so bad. Learning about the refugee convention is not easy…understanding what the commissioners say in the tapes is a real nightmare sometimes. But anyway, I need money. The humiliation is part of the deal I guess.

Oh my God, in a situation like this I just wanted to take a flight to Lima, Peru.


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