New Year’s Party

 Honestly I didn’t want to participate in that party. I want to dopped myself with gravol or maybe go outside and be alone.

I met a lawyer and his plastic blondie girlfriend, I met another fake blond and her gym trainer boyfriend, I met a French woman and Diane. Of course it happened what it had to happen. I didn’t talk to anybody and nobody talked to me. You know, the typical questions as: where are you from, how long have you been here? How did you  do to enter in the country? No man, not this day.

We ate, people talked about stupidities and of course, me, who didn’t want to talk and who nobody wanted to talk to. I’m antisocial. After devoured the turkey and ham, with egg sauce, smashed potatoes, Greek salad and 3 veggie guys eating like canaries, we decided to wash the dishes. As a good Peruvian I was quite effective washing everything.

Diane wanted to talk to me and the questions started: how did you come to the country? I was sponsored I replied. Who was you sponsor “my ex”…who was a girl, non?…you know I’m gay she told me.  My friend is sponsoring his Peruvian boyfriend. We started to talked she was very nice and …sexy. We were talking and talking about my ex, this country, her life. We caressed each other…I drank almost 4 little bottles of Smirnoff. We were in my bedroom…I felt so good, comfort and I think she was a good company…I wanted she stayed to sleep in my bed, just sleeping ok, I was too drunk…but it was the first time I meet a woman so…charming…we looked to each other just saying….what a pity!!! you are too young and I’m too old for you. And I was the younger one. I was with my ex for 8 years I only 2 times I found her physically attractive. I wasn’t in love with her body, in fact, never liked me her body. But Diane…she was to sexy, too hot…It’s the first time I desired, I wanted a woman…and I think she was scared what she was feeling and I was daring my own desires…I wished we could have sex, I wished we could have made love…she was special. She left my bedroom…I didn’t want to follow her because I was quite K.O. (never fight against a Russian vodka). I slept till 5 am, I was too hang over for starting to write my first official post. I took a gravol right now…I hope I can dream of her and finish what I wanted to start some hours ago.


P.S. I can’t understand how the dashboard works.


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