Hello world!

Testing, testing.

Hello everyone. I’m a lesbian in Montreal, Canada. This blog will start officially on January. All this blog it’s about me, an immigrant, almost Canadian because in fact I’m Peruvian, a woman, a cat lover and of course, a lonely queer.

This is first experience with a blog, so, just be indulgent. I have to figure out how the settings and appearance work.

My blog is a kind of therapy. After my ex left me (hereinafter referred as “bitch”) totally alone in this town. I’m trying to survive with a ridiculous salary and facing all type of incredible situations for making me a new life.

There is maybe, 1 week left before 2009. So, I’ll try as soon as possible to learn fast how to post and how to make this blog visually atractive or at least, more gay.

Thank you for being there.